Are we there yet?

I woke up by 5 today, to be out for an early delivery in a distant land. Was at the bus stations by 6am, and that was when everything went kaput!
There were 2 new loading points. One was a long way off from where the normal busses loaded and the second was in the former area i knew. I made inquiries. Apparently,  they are all the same and all three were going to the same place.

I know right.
Doesn’t make a damn bit of sense!! I bought a ticket, at this new checkpoint, changed my mind about loading on the new route and walked on down to join the queue i was used to. 2 long bus loads later, 6.10am, i got to the head of the queue and they said, they don’t accept the ticket. And directed me to the next queue. The slow queue apparently. the queue i had been directed from loaded one more bus, and then a slow lonnnnnng wait till finally 6.35am, bus appeared.
Finally, i thought, movement. Got to the head of the queue AND THEY DON’T ACCEPT THE DAMN TICKET!! I was fit to be tied at that point, i mean what the actual fuck. With my teeth gritting and fury flashing behind my eyes, i asked where the ticket was accepted. It was a bit of a distance, the new route, i had met at 6am.

As i walked away.. Stumped away actually, a guy from the university i attended, saw me and called, i managed a smile and a wave, still walking briskly. He called again, asking how my twin was. I waved him the peace sign. Like for real? Its 6 am and the last time i saw you was 4 years ago…who gives a shit?
I hustled into the bus and got in. 7.15am, Just now on third mainland bridge and entering the morning rush traffic i had hoped to avoid.  I already know this bus is not going where i want it to. I know i am going to gave to load on 2 more buses before i get to where i want. I can feel it in my bones.

When a day starts up crappy its because it has more crap in store (Abraham Lincoln, 1864).

Can blame no one but myself. Should have stuck to what i know.
Good thing i carried enough money, which i usually don’t. I usually calculate exactly what i need and carry that. Stupid. i know.
what if something happens? I know.
But if i don’t put myself in idiot situations, how else will i find funny obvious things to share with you?


4 thoughts on “Are we there yet?”

  1. Lol I’ll be very very uneasy if I carried only the exact amount I need out. I might work myself into praying for it to go wrong so I can be stranded so I can worry and beat myself up for my miscalculation. As in. Stupid. I know.
    Your day was almost exactly like my yesterday

  2. Hi TDA,

    I laughed so hard, I like your ‘don’t-give-a-damn’ style of writing.

    Ah I agree with Abe, crappy days are usually pregnant with more crap. Yes, they makes us appreciate crap-free days even better.

    Your “Copyright” notification. XD

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