Gatto catch ’em all… Or not

I dont need much to say about this game. Unless you live under a rock in the middle of nowhere with a crazy purple dog called, courage.. You pretty much knoe this game. I don’t do games. Much.

For someone that lives for cartoons… Yes it sounds odd.. But its a bit too much of time wastage and battery draining.. Same goes for movies. I feel better doing stuff simultaneously… Like having the tv on while i sew or while i cook is great. I’m getting things done AND been entertained. 


I stumbled into a post this week about life lessons people can learn from pokemon. I rolled my eyes… Even my inner man rolled his eyes. I know you too are rolling your eyes. But, funny enough..the post wasn’t a blatant commercializationof pokemon. The guy said he downloaded the game on friday evening and walked around all through the weekend. He said, he had so much fun catching the pokemon. And then monday came, and with it work, life, daily grind and responsibilities and the game went the way of the polaroid camera. And while having the monday morning blues and missing his ability yo roam around catching pokemon, he thought about the underline reason why the game got him hooked. He said he felt like he was doing something. He had challenges, he met them, overcome them and moved on to the next stage. He saw what it was to achieve a goal at a time… On his scoreboard or something. And then some sort of reward catching each pokemon. He also learned about strategising. ALL FROM ONE WEEKEND?! WHERE DO I SIGN UP!

I get the point though. These are all things we know but hastle and bustle makes us forget. We just spring from task to task, no breaks no relaxing periods, no celebration..  Till we havr a mental breakdown or get burned out. At least that’s what happens with me.

 The reminder couldnt have come at a better time though. I’m showcasing some clothes at an exhibition/expo later this month. I am hoping to display between 30 and 40 pieces. Clothes made by my hand and my manual machine. I am also volunteering for a stint next month. I swear, i have considered pulling out of it, but i won’t. I think it’ll be a nice distraction from my current “challenges”. I heard that’s how happiness is born. 

Well. Let’s try and see then. Thanks to sound advice from “pokemon go,” in which i never went, i have been able to divide my targeted work week to make sure i don’t fall short of my  30 clothes mark and that by each sunday, i am closer to attaining that target. This will be my third informal expo but, hopefully, my first formal one. I do wish i had decided to exhibit earlier… I would have had a lot more time to work on the pieces. but no time like the present, right? 

So yes, pokemon go, expo and volunterring, we have a full month, guys.


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