Raggedy anne

I’m not fond of meeting new people. When I’m buzzed or high, maybe. But me, on my own and without a fuzzy brain is a solo woman-o. I especially don’t like meeting guys. I was a late bloomer but by 16, i had hips for days.. 40 inch hips and 28 inch waist.. That’s about 9 years worth of unwanted attention. It gets annoying after a while.

This situation was heightened when my family moved some years back. You couldn’t take two steps from the house without meeting some guy neighbor wanting to “chill”. So i started dressing in what i call my rags… Basically house clothes, but bigger and uglier; Blending in with the estate house helps. This might sound drastic, but i had crossed the stage of “oh my gosh, it must have taken him some courage to walk up to a girl he doesn’t know from Adam” to “nobody forced you… Respect yourself and stay away”. And I was tired of guy attention. I don’t mind been seen from afar and all that… But i do mind been approached to be talked with.. Having to be polite and abstract nicities are a pain.

For some reason, even my rags aren’t raggedy enough. And i draw the line against looking like dressing in any Kanye West getup. Like yesterday, i was going out to run an errand. As i walked down towards the main gate, i caught the eyes of one man looking at me pointedly. 

And smiling. 

Like a psychopath. He had a kid on his shoulder and some other guy with him. I pretended not to see him,made my eyes glaze over. But, as i passed i heard “hi”. I said a forceful “good day” and made to continue and then he laughed (Did i mention he was also pretty good looking… But i don’t trust good looking guys. Sorry, If you’re that fine and you have no girl, there is definitely something wrong with you).. Anyway he laughed and said “wow, you don’t even remember me?” I raised a brow. Seriously, the distrust i have for fine boys and their charming ways is comical. And also, lamest oldest line everrrr. He said he had run into me some time and asked for my number and i had said i don’t give my number out to strangers… Which is something i say. I laughed a little. Not even laugh.. Just made a small sound. Laughing with these fine buy types gives them bravado to continue their stuff. Then he smiled happily and said, “i won’t even ask for your number now. I saw you enter that house with the blue roof a couple of days back… That’s where you stay right. I just moved into the apartment next to yours. Awesome right?! Can’t wait for our next meeting.”

I hate fine boys. πŸ˜πŸ˜’


4 thoughts on “Raggedy anne”

  1. I think we are sisters!…from different parents. I hate male attention!

    The difference between you and I is I like to be liked (just as a pleasant person), but I don’t know how not to be polite or nice. It’s a serious problem. to those who don’t deserve it, I’ll still smile and turn you down, with especial diplomacy and tact, dear Lord. Like if I hurt your feeling,you being a stranger, you’ll kill yourself or sue me,, or whatever it is.

    You’ll only just see me smile and walk faster and then hurriedly frown. pls I need help. At this my age and I’m still this way, it’s not normal.

    1. Looool.. I don’t smile at all. It was only if the guy was nice and polite, that i would politely decline. But then i had a guy follow me from hair salon to the gate of my estate because “I’m not like the normal girls that would have insulted him”… I was like whatt?! So my politeness is what is causing this one now? It’s just so annoying

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