Where you at Tee??!! 😓

So, i had to pull out of volunteering. Its very disappointing, i had planned a great time of self-discovery whilst meeting new people and assisting the kids thay would be on camp. Longstory short, have a lil’ holiday away from home. 

However, the pieces i want to showcase at the expo aren’t quite done. Its sucking the life out of me (And out of my wallet) like for real. I’m running on zero and feel like the working dead. Get it…? “working” dead. I’m extremely sleep deprived. I can’t even chill on my bed long. One wrong fall on the pillow and i will doze off and lose hours of time i could spend working. .I do sleep ohh, but i dream of work and wake up barely rested at all. Added to this, i still have customer’s outfits to deal with. I would put them off but, i need the money to buy some pending materials that i need for the exhibition pieces.

I have less than 10 done and triple that to go. Not completely undone… Like the rest that arent done are done halfway. Some have just a band left. But still not done, so im not counting them as done. 

AND I LOVE IT! I know i won’t be able to keep up this pace for long. I can’t. I’m not a robot. But the challenge of doing everything and, hopefully, getting a good reception is a like a cup of coffee to my hands to keep working right now. And its spurring me to do these stay up real late/ get up early days. I can’t wait for 22nd though. The day after. In fact, the week after. I’m going to sleep, and take myself to the movies, and sleep and take all the walks I’ve missed and sleep and stroll and hang out at my friend’s barbecue spot and sleep. Did i forget to mention sleep 😴😴? Because there’s going to be a whole load of sleeping. My bed will probably file restraining charges against me. 😂😂😂

(P.S. concentrating to write this post and not doze off counts really high among my top 10 difficulties of the year.)


5 thoughts on “Where you at Tee??!! 😓”

  1. All the stress you’re talking about, I’m sorry o but all I saw was that business is good! Awww
    Soon you’ll be talking about employing people…and moving site…… We need to get there quickly babes, so like, do you really need all the sleep you’re talking of being deprived of? 😐 😐😋😭😚

    1. Amen ohh. Uhh well i hope business will turn out good. Expos, exhibits and fashion shows are pretty much investments till the returns come in. And the sleep?? I totally need it. If there’s light i work from 7am till about 3am (you read that right. 3 am of the next day) and 12am or 1am if there isn’t. The thought of my week long break been right around the corner is just joyyyyyyy 😁😁😁😁

  2. Hi Taiwo,

    Ah, I know the feeling of running on empty, sleep-deprived but still needing to keep going.

    The last time it happened, felt like I had an out-of-body experience but strength came from the Lord, that’s the only way I can explain it. Lol

    Fell ill afterwards though, then rested and was as good as new.

    You’ll be fine. Best wishes! 🙂

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