Finally finally

​On the just past sunday, i finally did my exhibition. Guys, it was amazing. I had a couple of sales, future orders and an amount of great feedback. 

And the funniest thing, i can’t really remember how much of stress i went into. I know i slept 2 hours or less at night and grabbed a couple of naps during the day. I wasn’t chatting with my friends much because i couldn’t concentrate on a chat and i didn’t want to seem rude. I relaxed via twitter and sleep and always seemed to have a headache. I hadn’t combed my hair in 2 weeks. It looks like a pile of knots. But today, it really just feels like nothing.
Funniest thing happened the night before the d-day, (at least it sounds funny now) the fan belt of my car cut. The fan belt controls the steering wheel, the alternator, radiator and pretty much the entire car. It was a sitting duck. I hate when things don’t go according to plan, i get frazzled and my organised self just fizzles like steam from a kettle and i start to over think. 

I’m one of those people that watches out for signs. A friend calls and sounds odd? I start to think i might have done something wrong. Someone acts differently than they normally would? Maybe they’re mad at me. 

So, i started thinking, maybe this was a sign that i stay home and chicken out. The thought didn’t even get the time to fizzle on the fire before i ousted it. I would be there by hook or by crook. And crook, it indeed was, thanks be to God, my mechanic was able to come through on sunday morning with the part and 4 hours later than planned, i got there and was finally able to set up for my big day without forgetting anything at home.

 Most of my friends came through. it was kinda nerve wracking for them to see my work but They all loved them (at least they said they did) and by the time i walked the runway, they were all there taking pictures.

 That was my happiest moment in a long time. 😊😊

(I’ll post pictures later) but here’s a little one i saw on Facebook.


8 thoughts on “Finally finally”

  1. Hi Taiwo,

    I am so happy for you, well done! You worked hard and delivered brilliantly.

    Ah, I know that not-combed-my-hair and cannot-talk-to-anyone-right-now feeling. Stress sucks one’s energy with a long and bendy straw. 😀

    Onwards and upwards!

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