the making of an owie

​First of all, this post contains a picture y’all may find disturbing; If you have a finicky tummy or are eating something, close this blog and back away slowly.
So during the course of last week, i decided to trip and fall.

My knee was botched. up.

 My friend, who luckily was close by at the time, was shocked. That such a serious wound came from what seemed to be a tiny fall. It skinned my knees so bad i could see deep into my flesh. At least, half an inch deep. From fall… Ordinary fall.

Adverts don’t talk about this, they show this woman, her skin glowing like glitters. The silk of her night robe glides over her skin as she settles in front of the vanity. She opens up the cream and sniffs it… A smile comes up on her face. She dips a finger into the cream and rubs it into her skin. 

“Soft skin,” she says into the mirror. And then finely moisturised she meets bae at the door for a date and they skip into the sunset.

They don’t show when she trips over a stone and her skin sheds like a snake’s because of the stupid softness.

Do You know what’s better than having skin prone to peeling off at the smallest instance? Tough skin. 

Tough skin doesn’t get battered when you trip and fall. Tough skin shrugs its shoulders and says, “is that it?” Whilst soft skin is weeping in the corner, crying “no more… No more”. To think i was obsessed with soft skin. Especially on my knees. The same knee-skin betrayed me… Betrayed without a second thought. As soon as knee-skin saw the ground coming, it fled away without a thought.. Clinging to the rocky surface and leaving my poor poor flesh to fend for itself. 

My knee bled for at least 4 hours. FOUR. Why did I let it bleed? Because i was at an event, that’s why. And as for me who isn’t prone to screaming…

Boy, oh boy, the gloves came off and the ear muffs came in when it came to treating the injury. That day, when i got home, i tried to clean it with methylated spirit. The pharmacist had instilled the fear of gangrene inside me, and i was over eager to clean the wound.

Oh boy.

I remember screaming. Pulling my leg out of the tub muttering “i can’t, i can’t. Oh God.” It felt like i had poured pepper on it. I just went onto my bed, sulking, and slept. Didn’t touch it till the next day. 

I took this picture a couple of days into healing. When the wound was just a little less gross. Yeah, that’s right. It looked FAR worse than this… I had bits of flesh just hanhing there. There’s another far deeper cut that hasn’t yet healed too.

You know what’s great advice?

Don’t cream your body. Instead, Let your skin morph into awesome raw alligator hide. No need for ever exfoliating. No need for toning. And no cream to start lightening your skin by mistake, even after you made sure it wasn’t a bleaching cream.

And if you take a fall? You’ll be on your feet in seconds with only your dignity left to pick up. You won’t have to see your flesh torn out on the ground.

So, next time, someone makes a remark about your ashy looking skin, tell them to choose shavings, to choose safety.

This post is approved by your wallet, your bank account and your knees.


3 thoughts on “the making of an owie”

  1. Hi Taiwo,

    You are hilarious! @ “They don’t show when she trips over a stone and her skin sheds like a snake’s because of the stupid softness.” XD

    Your wound looked pretty bad, I hope it’s healing nicely?

    This reminds me of my great fall down the stairs 2 weeks ago, I was stunned when I landed, the back of my right leg got the worst of it, bruised very badly and hurt so much.

    Ah, I am off to bin my skin lotions and body butters, who needs luscious, gorgeous but fragile skin anyway?! Lol

    I enjoyed reading this.

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