This sunday, is another big work day. I’m going to be selling my pieces at a football/ chill event in Lekki. Super excited. Super Nervous.

But luckily, I get two extra spots to have “assistants” come. And these assistants will take the form of two of my close friends; Dammy and Ayo. Awesome right?

Yes. No. I don’t know.

They haven’t met ever before. So, you know… I’m hoping they gel together. I dont typically have female friends that are dramatic and over sensitive. But just for comfy sake, If i have a little extra money, we’ll go out for pizza or barbecue the night before so everyone can get cosy with each other.

That aside, for this exhibition/ mobile shop, i have a whole stand to my lonesome self. So, I’m going to make it look as cute as possible. Like a mini version of what my idea future show-space will look like. I’ve looked through the pictures on my phone and come up with a collage of inspiration.

That pretty much sums it up. The next 2 days are going to be a real squeeze, thanks to one leg going on a mini vacation for most of last week. But you know… Money has been laid down, there’s no backing it.

P.s. it’s kind of funny thst this is actually my job 😂😂


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