How it went down #socialiga

Suddenly, Sunday seems like a lifetime ago.all the stress, effort, sleepless nights, money spent are like some sort of forgotten entity. By saturday evening, Dammy and Ayo had made their long respective journeys from their respective domiciles and had met up at mine. They got on like a house on fire, so that was one stress ball i shouldn’t have bothered bouncing…

Ayo and Dammy

The event for Sunday itself went pretty well as well. For one, it didn’t rain. After a whole week of rain, that alone was a blessing. There was also Lots of positive feedback, lots of business  cards shared and a couple of sales. We had planned to leave for the venue by 7am but i am a woman, not an octopus and added to being up all night and a near wardrobe malfunction, we left about past 8. We missed our way once (thank you google map) but finally arrived an hour later.. There was a terrible lot of speeding involved though.

We set up and the day progressed. People bought, people admired, people complained we didn’t have a POS, i dozed off, the wind tried to blow our mannequin and kimonos away, we tried to hide our tiredness with laughs and gist, i got some makeup on to make me look less tired, we strolled around, photographers photoed our spot (yay!), my friends came through (Seun and his side piece), my brother came around, his friends saw my work, my cousin came, a girl 5 years my junior saw and recognised me.

 The dark of Night fell and we began to pack up, my ex and his friends appeared, late night customers asked why we had packed so “early” and why we weren’t on instagram. We loaded the car and exited. 8 o’clock pm. We Got “lost” twice but Made it home by 9. We could barely walk straight. Bathed, ate and passed out. 

All in all it was a great outing. Didn’t make as much as I wanted, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. Plus, i got to hangout with two of my most grounded buds… What more does a girl need?


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