Twitter underbelly

​Cartoons have failed us in sooo many ways, chief among which is making the “bad” guy or antagonist as ugly and grotesque as possible, while the “good” guys are the nice looking ones. If only it were that simple.

Meet Izien, 

On Twitter. He is accused of rape, blackmail and blackmailing to get sex. From my read up, Izien is a charming young man, till he doesn’t get his way… Then all hell breaks loose. It’s a name i had never even heard of, till last week.

It’s a week that had Nigerian twitter up in flames and uproar… Of females and males alike putting finger to keypad to expose both he and many other guys who blackmail girls with their nudes. In another country, a court case will have been the best way to get both sides, But this is Nigeria. A country that if you get raped you will be asked “what were you wearing?”  “Why were you out by that time?” “You that went to a guy’s house by yourself what were you looking for?” I don’t even think rape kits exist here. At least on twitter, it’ll get to gossip blogs, from gossip blogs to newspapers. 

So twitter is pretty much better at policing than our actual police system. Nobody was really looking for “justice”, they just wanted women to be aware that these things happen and it had happened to them. If somewhere down the line the guy got his just dessert, that was awesome too.

 The main guy has been at this nudes for blackmail business since 2011, twitter sources revealed. Unfortunately, it might have been even longer I mean what of the girls that aren’t on twitter to talk? At least 35 girls came “forward” with tales about this guy that revealed the depths of someone that was clearly a psychopath.

A lot of guys came up demanding proofs in photos and videos. And then this statement was birthed, “what if it was your sister, who ran home, and told you one guy had raped her, would you say that?” Admittedly, there is always room for lies but why would 30 people that have, hitherto, no known connection come up with these tales? No smoke without fire, i always say.

And personally, i know a girl who dated him for, in her words, 2 minutes.. And when he started demanding sex, she pulled back and said it wouldn’t work, it was too soon to be asking for that. And this guy called her every name in the book and then some. That he would tell everyone she’s a whore and a slut, he knows where she lives, on and on. She didn’t come forward though, very few people can handle twitter drama but, her case classed among the very minor ones. The real ones were wrought with “i have your nudes, have sex with me or i will expose them online”.. Or creating anonymous accounts to post said nudes, or sending the nudes to online blogs, calling up boyfriend to say “i have your nudes” with anonymous lines. And some guys came forward to, one about how his current fiancée is so traumatised about when she was raped by this guy that each time she tries to talk about it, she breaks down into tears. It was just tale after tale of women living in fear of this person for no other reason than at some point in their lives, they had trusted him. There was even another story of one other guy who had actually gotten these girl’s nudes by dubious means and was blackmailing her with it. I couldn’t really keep up with all the stories that were brought forward in those days. 

There were his old tweets, alluding to rape and women which people laughed at. One particular one i particularly remember went like, “when she’s tweeting how much she loves her bf but you have her nudes”. To the outside eye, it looked like a girl two-timing her bf, but now it is seen for what it really was: a veiled threat. For the girl that had tweeted “i love my bf” seeing a tweet like that from someone that had told you they have your nudes is just alarming and scary.

There are no easy solutions to this situation. I’m just happy the girls that fell prey to these particular men can breathe easy and feel a sense of support and closure…  While we wait Till the day our justice system catches up with the rest of the world’s.

Click here For a more thorough read on what went down on twitter.


3 thoughts on “Twitter underbelly”

  1. Thanks for sharing this.
    Who knows the allegations might be true or not, but I do know there is no smoke without fire.
    There are many disturbed guys like izien out there preying on unsuspecting innocents. I
    It’s vital to be careful of the information we share on social media, as good as social media is it is also very destructive.

  2. Hi Taiwo,

    This was so well-written. You are right, sometimes the antagonists look like angels. Indeed, one must never judge a book by its cover.

    I followed this distasteful story as it unfolded on Twitter. Social media has its advantages, by providing a platform to expose bad behaviour so that others can learn.

    Unfortunately, what happens on the internet stays on the internet. Google never forgets!

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