Deadlines and first times 

The Past weeks have been mad hectic… in a good way. I was able to, FINALLY, finish off my payments ON some fabrics I bought last year. The lady was really nice, extraordinarily nice but, nope, i am never buying anything on credit.If I haven’t paid in a week, forget it.

I made my first overseas and interstate deliveries. Very very challenging, i hadn’t seen or measured these girls and they needed to have it fit them… But it went awesomely. Especially the delivery to calabar. She has the most beautiful voice in the world. She sings in the church choir and wanted a dress in time for October 1st (independence day).. It was a pretty tight schedule (3 days to make that dress and a long sleeve coat). But I was able to pull through.

I had another delivery overseas for saturday, that went smoothly, i guess. I won’t know till the receiver tries it on so… We wait. It was a jacket and two dresses. 4 days deadline

This particular one was haprrasing it was 5 day to go and no payment in sight.. Four days. I just had to delve into my personal stash for the fabrics. I hate using my personal fabrics because THEY ARE MINE but with deadline nipping at my heels and with no payment in sight, I just had to. I knew the lady could pay it was just the forex that was the problem and if she finally got her money two days to deadline, it’ll be me up all night at the sewing machine. And rushed sewing, no matter how good it looks on fashion runway, is never a good thing. The payment finally came in on friday so, yes, It was a good decision to use my personal fabric stash rather than buy on credit.

No regrets once there’s money in the bank. 😀

I’m still going to make myself an ankara-leather jacket sha. It just looks too bad-ass (in a cute way) to NOT make.


10 thoughts on “Deadlines and first times ”

  1. That’s a very pretty dress and it fits her so well.

    Funny how when we are pushed to our limits, we do our absolute best to succeed. 😀

    Leather always adds cool spice to a garment. Lol

    Well done!

  2. Wait, that is a you-sewn Jacket? Awesome! it should come with your tag-label auntie, don’t dull. Too cute. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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