The sister effect

​With my aunt’s passing, her kid (my cousin) moved into my room, My over cluttered room, a month back. She has since resumed in a boarding school, but having someone so young share my room on a long time basis has been interesting. A new experience. A lot of new experiences.

1. She rolls in her sleep. Let me rephrase that, she rolls on top of me and buries me in the mattress in her sleep.

2. She.. How do i put this delicately… She mutters with guttural sounds at night. I’m very sound conscious so, i wake up a lot.

3. We ‘share’ stuff… Let’s just say my (saved for a couple of months to get) givenchy perfume is going down lower a lot faster than i planned.

4. TV ratings.. She’s just going to be 15.. So i keep having to make sure what we watch is rated G or PG13 and such.

5. She only bathes with hot water. She uses a lot of water to bathe. In other words, I didn’t bathe with hot water for a while.

6. There are now surprises in myroom! Last time it was a mini flood in the bathroom. She said she washed. I wasn’t sure if to ask her if the washing was done on the floor itself.

7. She’s not a cartoon person. She likes all this teen shows on Disney channel. Blehhh.

8. She doesn’t mind criminal investigation shows. YAYYYY!! And Yes, i do check the ratings first. I think parents try their hardest to shelter their kids a lot. That’s fine. But there’s an age they need to be aware that there ARE evil people around and they look pretty normal and be safety conscious on their own. She’s going to be fifteen by the end of this month. So, going out and partying I guess this is the age it will be freaking them to start. And boyfriends that she’ll ‘believe’ are the loves of her life… A good criminal show teaches lessons that if an older person says, looks like you’re trying to dull their fun.

Walk home with stranger: get kidnapped and killed.

Run away from home: get kidnapped and killed.

Get drunk at a party: get kidnapped and killed

Make the wrong friends: get kidnapped and killed

I think I’ll make a great mum 😂😂😂😂😂
By the time, she comes home for holiday, i guess I’ll experience what sharing jewellery and clothes is like… However, we do get along really well for someone that i am older than by a decade. My dad wanted her to call me “Aunty Taiwo or cousin Taiwo” as a sign of ‘respect’. Yoruba people and their pseudo-respect is just a maze of deceit. So, no, just Taiwo is perfectly fine.


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