I almost didn’t attend Shiloh for a friend’s wedding. Shiloh is a yearly church gathering in december.

I haven’t missed Shiloh since I was in four hundred level. I mean, once, my friends and I broke into a room to have a place to stay to attend the program. 

Since then, we have been car camping, yearly, for the entire week of the program. I’ve not had a huge personal experience. Ever. But seeing people who are actually getting healed, coming all the way from other continents, to hear The Word on ground. It also perks up my spirit man in a way.

But this year, I was going to miss it. Even though I had had the date reserved since the last day of shiloh last year.. I was going to miss it. For a friend’s wedding. 

Then, she asked me to be a bridesmaid and that was nice. I’m one of the simpletons that thinks bridesmaids are your closest friends and you want them around for your special day. So, i felt honoured.

But bridesmaiding comes at a price of course. Paying for the dress, the hair, makeup, shoes.. But you don’t mind. You don’t want to mind. Because it’s your friend, and you eant her day to be perfect, and money doesn’t matter… right?

But then, money doesn’t come when it’s meant to come. Things aren’t hard… But, the amount is just too huge to spare. So you get in touch with your friend and try to explain; not that you won’t attend the wedding but, the payment for the bridesmaid-ing is beyond your scope right now.

And you expect what? “Oh nooo! What’s happening? Is work that bad? Sure. Doesn’t matter. As far as you’re there that day.”

 You know? Care. 

And you get: “wow you should have told me in time, so i could have gotten a replacement.”


I was kind of stunned. But I continued the chat, trying to explain my situation. Only concurrent messages showed one tick and i couldn’t see her profile picture anymore. I suspected I had been blocked. I called her and she told me she was in a conference and hung up. Then i was removed from the “friends of the bride” chat group. Two other girls and I.


For someone i was going to drop a couple of tens of thousands for

I was going to miss Shiloh for her wedding. 


I got to her introduction ceremony before her… Before her family.. Before the people that would set up the party.


I’m disappointed. I’m a little miffed. But, I get to go to Shiloh to camp and pray, and i have a littler circle of friends to trust. Win-win! 😊


4 thoughts on “Replacements”

  1. Better to find out sooner than a couple thousand dollars later. I too experienced something similar…I was just invited to attend the wedding tho, I couldn’t make the up and down since I had no vehicle, sent a msg to explain and 2 years later- no reply,no concern or care.

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