26 years and a day

​Yesterday was a good day. 

Yesterday was my birthday. I usually write a post ahead of the day, but i ran out of words.

I’d been feasting on a veritable bucket of chicken my brother got for me two days ahead of my birthday because he wouldn’t be around that day. It was down to two. One now.

Friends called in. 

Ayo was first, as usual. Twelve on the dot, Ayo rings in every year. It’s an awesome thing for people to call and remember you on your special day. A few don’t remember but that’s fine too… If they knew they would have.

But, they are kept in the “so you forgot to call me” pile for November 12. I love those the best. The “omg, yesterday was your birthday? I’m so sorry. I swear, it totally slipped my mind” …. I enjoy how anxious they are to put my mind at rest… The grovelling… If I’m bored, i will even act up and pretend to be miffed. 😎

I went to the cinema with Seun, we originally wanted to watch Dr. Miracle but got in late and settled for Trolls. It was a great laugh, a little teary. I will never be tired of animations. Afterward we had lunch topped with good talks and laughs. Another friend, Moses, came by too. I slid under the table to hide from pictures 😝 #lifeOfAcelebrity.

Dammy got me a beautiful bracelet i had lusted over on twitter. She still says she doesn’t love me but i know she is denial…you can’t fight this love, boooo!! 😘

My ex called. Twice. In the morning and later at night. I was even surprised he remembered at all but, i was chuffed. We talked for about two hours; friendship, money, work, savings… That was nice.

All in all, it was a beautiful day. 😊


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