Gear 1

​So I’ve been off for a couple of months. Sorry if I got you worried, life just got in the way. The break that I’d hope to have December, then Christmas, then January.. They never happened. So the time to just sit still and write never really came. I’m either working , delivering, buying fabrics and sewing knickknacks or seeing friends, contacting friends, going out with them.. I have very few moments of just lying down nothing-to-do-ness. I also started writing for a medical blog a couple of weeks back. So cram that in the schedule as well. From january 1st till now, i have 67  orders. It’s great to have work… Awesome actually. But of late it’s getting overwhelming, last week i made and delivered 16 pieces. This week I have 8 clothes to deliver with plans of a break next week (ever eondered why kids get to have mid-term breaks from reading all day and adults dont get any from working all day?) but my brain has kinda decided to shut my body down since Monday. No creative flow, no inspiration, nothing.

So, on Tuesday (today) i decided to have a full body soak rather than just waste it trying to force work like i did yesterday. Warm water… Bathe salts, Epsom salts, baking soda, the whole ten yards.

Friends, i couldn’t be more relaxed if i had had a massage. I feel like freedom. Like all the windedness, all the strain somehow osmosised (is that a word?) Its way from my body into the salty tub. And that’s why i can open this app and write a post today as I bask on the settee and enjoy a merit of self-employment.

Merry Christmas,

Happy new year and

Happy Valentine’s day guys. 

Hopefully, I’ll be able to write more once i figure out how to juggle this work load.


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