When life serves you stress

After weeks AND WEEKS , actually months, of promising myself a break, I’ve decided that last week of march would be it.

“Just wait till upper week, i will tear you up,” i would mutter threateningly to my bed, as i brushed past it to pull another all-nighter.

“You’re gonna soak me all week,” i would sneer at my bathe as I took a brisk bathe to rush off and make a delivery.

“I swear I’ll get you sorted,” i would apologetically tell my room aka sty.

You know your room has been in a mess  too long when you start to actually know what each mound of mess contains.

What took me to realising i need a break was when i was chatting with a friend and told her, “these clients think they can kill me, i will kill them before they kill me…”. Doesn’t even make sense. But, i was upset. They had all started switching delivery days on me. So, I would be up nights trying to meet up with these new deadlines because i don’t want to disappoint.

I should actually just learn to say no,  but that seems like stress and such a big bother. In the battle of

“Stay up couple of nights” and “Say no” my bed always wins.
So, I’m fed up. With work, stress, being grimey… Everything. And if children get to have holidays from singing ABC’s and doing PE, gosh darn it, i get to have one too. 
I’d cleaned out work for the entire upper week. And was in the process of inventing lies to any probable clients instead having to say, “no, I’m not accepting work this period”, probably kill off one of my already late grand ma’s.

When i realised upper week was NOT the last week of March.

Turns out it’s actually the penultimate week. 

Demn it! 

I’m one of those people that like things to start and end at official starts and ends. So if i want to begin a new diet and it’s Tuesday, you bet your ass I’ll wait till monday to start it. 

But then, i thought, Why don’t I think I deserve a two-week break? I’ve basically not had a break since November, if even that because i clearly remember the deadlines i had for early December… Shiloh, Christmas clothes, socialiga, quickly followed by new year clothes… so, chances are November was tight so, probably October. 

Besides, within next quarter of the year, I’ll finally be posting pictures of my pieces online. I’m not really enthused but, i have been bullied and after reaching rock bottom and lying that i have no ambition, I decided why not?

What’s the worst that can happen?Besides people hating your work, getting a lot of work and not been able to meet up, people not been satisfied,. What’s really the worst that can happen? (Sarcasm)

So this 2-week break will double as prep period.. Buying the threads, frills and linings i need, planning, organising and designing. I’ll also take up early morning walks within the period because its a great way to clear your head and I’ll get my hair and nails done. I think I’ll watch a movie by myself, which i haven’t done since 2013 (I’ll tell you why later) and will definitely plan to also stay over at a friend’s for some days. 

My bank account is looking at my hopes and dreams with derision but gosh darn it, i need this.


11 thoughts on “When life serves you stress”

  1. take that break.. you deserve it… you’ve worked hard, your bank account go dey alright.. 🙂
    I felt this way in the second week of march and I had to take some days of work too
    you probably should outsource some of your processes if you are not doing that already, maybe cut and get a trusted tailor to sew or pay someone to get you threads and the likes.
    people don’t know the amount of work that goes into fashion design..

  2. Hi Taiwo,

    Ah! I can relate with this post.

    Please take a break before you break down (Yayyy! it kinda rhymes) XD

    I, myself, need a 2-week break to reset my body, soul and mind.

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