The goodiosity of Self-centeredness

       I was still sitting on the wall and been undecided as good ol’ Humpty Dumpty when i wrote about it in the last post.. But now, as day 4 of my break draws to a close and with no deadline in sight, I can say i have never been more relaxed. It was an awesome decision to go through with and I thank all y’all that actually commented and help me assert this decision. 

I’ve been over at a friend’s since wednesday.. And if i could, i would draw it out till next week.Funny enough i haven’t done all thr things that i thought marked a good holiday… I havent taken myself to the movies, I havent hooked up with my distant rarely seen friends, I havent done my pedicure or manicure, and I havent had my relaxing bubble bathe . I’ve pretty much just been eating, sleeping and gisting. And realistically, that’s what a break is; it’s time off to rest, not to fill it up with a different set of new activities. 

A couple of weeks back, if someone had asked me the best thing I did this year, it would have been expanding my customer base… Or getting a hundred orders by the end of the first quarter… Or being able to actually take friends out AND pay. But right now, for me, it was being able to hit the snooze button and take this deserved rest in the midst of the clients’ orders and demands… So much more to be made to fill up my cuffers with the legal tender it deserved and my self centered ass decided it would rather rest instead… That’s dedication to enjoyment right there! And i wouldn’t have it any other way


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