Walk with me

It’s the last day of my holiday. Work begins tomorrow. Again. I’m slightly excited, not working and taking a break is great and all but, these coffers won’t fill theirselves. I’m also almost exploding with the new direction work is going to take.

 All my friends have been making giant strides of late, Dammy got a job from Germany but she gets to do the work from Nigeria. She’s just twenty-three and is already working on her Ph.D! Ayo, last week, got a call from a major company and has gone through two stages of the interview; the second stage was the oddest: “describe the color red to a blond person”, “bring at least one object belonging to the 70s/80s era and has no relevance to today” i half hoped someone would bring in a dead great grand parent as a joke. Chika is rounding up with her M.Sc. this year and is making moves to study further. Seun’s honda decided to pull a honda and break its front tyre hinge thing, he says its a sign that he buys a new car… I have no words. Jide has decided to extend his holiday to US and become a citizen there… Thats a bit tough, i miss him and we don’t talk so much anymore but, its what he wants. 

So everyone is moving up somehow but, in my line, the only person that can move me up is me. Theres no professional exams, no re-considering salaries, nothing. I have to force these moves If I want to move up with my friends. First of all, I wanted a creative space for myself to do my work. I was hoping to secure one of the self-contain rooms behind the house  but, my mum is kind of a hoarder/ collector and she said she had dibs on the room i was eyeing so, that isn’t happening, for now. But it’s in my thoughts already so I know something is bound to crop up. I’m also planning to go DITIGAL with my work, aka social media. Get on instagram, twitter, facebook and post pictures of my work. Two of my friends have already volunteered their services in managing the sites. That should start mid-May. Between now and then, i have patterns to construct, clothes to make, logos to re-design and a whole lot in beteeen.

I have a wardrobe full of fabrics I’ve been buying since January, a lot of money already gone in. I can’t really predict the outcome. It’s cliché for people to give success stories and slide hardwork in the midst. I see hard work on a daily all around, people struggling for a pitiance. But, I am hopeful for the best; for favour and to reap all the fruits of my investment. 


9 thoughts on “Walk with me”

  1. I know you would definitely get bigger this year. We should create a hashtag for this movement.

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