For love and for customers

There are many things i love about my customers. About a hundred things.

  1. They pay me.
  2. I can use said pay to increae my fabric stash.
  3. I can use said money to get my hair done.
  4. I can use said money to fuel my car.
  5. I can use said money to buy myself shoes.
  6. I can use said money to buy myself bags… I LOVE a good bag.
  7. I can use said money to increase my arm candy moments.
  8. Etc

When there is no money involved, the love i have for theae customers dissipate like steam froma whistling kettle.

This is the part my customers don’t seem to get. The thought what they pay is actually a section of my salary. I think they think it’s a hubby or a side job.

Yesterday, I delivered a couple of clothes for a client. She was all in love when she saw them till it was time to pay up. She just couldn’t believe that they would cost so much. And yes, she had been told the price before but, i guess something about pregnancy has botched with her memory glands. This was one of the pieces for her daughter. Price: 1,200 naira which is about $4 in today’s economy.

She said… And i quote “it is just too much.”

Really? Really ma’am? It’s “too much”. Ladies and gentlemen I was peeved! If there is one thing Nigerian designers are known for it is over padding their prices. My cost wasn’t padded, it wasnt even on normal size. It was lean as a string, emaciated, basically on surviving on a drop of water a day and it was still too much?


 I eventually agreed to 750 naira which is a little over $2 in today’s economy.

I need new clients 😩


11 thoughts on “For love and for customers”

  1. We’ll get you new clients. Mabinu

    Auntie pls, N1200 is less than $4 biko. Don’t over value our pathetic country’s currency. But the lady knows she’d have paid more for that dress had she seen it hung in a stall or a boutique, she might even think it was imported.

    But alas, she saw the person behind the design, a ticket to price hassle

  2. You should request 70% upfront before you work on any cloth, tht way you are sure the customer heard and has even made commitment toward it.

    Let have private chats and let’s grow your business. Am interested in helping.


  3. That sucks! For this reason I opera solely online and cash must be handed over before items can be delivered. Handmade should be valued more yet they always try to beat u down…and dont mind spending the big bucks at stores. Sigh!

      1. The nerve! this dress is gorgeous! and for 750 its not fair. i agree that you should request 70% upfront and maybe give an invoice so they dont forget and it makes you look more professional rather than someone they are doing a favor.

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