Crayfish conditions

For the past month, things have been a bit terse in the home-front; i mean terser, which I never thought possible but here you have it.

A best-friend recently got a job not too far from here but as she lived 2 states away, she needed a place to stay till she got a place of her own and being as I have a brother staying with a family that none of us know or are in anyway related to, I believe we owe the universe a favour… It’s easy to pray blessings on families that roof people but, it’s a better blessing to offer this roof. We have two self-contained chalets behind the house and that’s where she is staying and my parents are transferring the aggression of been put in this “situation” to me. Unfortunately, the days of me just been a sponge and soaking all this aggression in are gone… I’m saturated with the anger they’ve transferred my way for over a decade. My culture frowns at been angry to elders so you just take it all in till you reach an age that you don’t soak it all in… The sponge can’t take anymore.

They have problems with me :

  1. Hanging out in the chalet with my friend.
  2. Gisting and laughing in said chalet with said friend
  3. Even just sleeping off here

There’s a huge argument about EVERYTHING and boy oh boy, is it exhausting?! I feel so bad that my best-friend cannot stay in this huge ass mansion comfortably. And i actually said so to them after the new spat they brought up. 

I made dinner and after laying the table, my father (with my mother cheering him on) went ballistic about all things forgetting to put glasses on their tables and then made this cursory speech about how my bestfriend is my guest and that he might have to send her out of the house based on my “bad behaviour”. 

The not setting glasses bad behaviour. They had their forks, knives, spoons, plates all set on the table like it was Buckingham palace. Dinner made and served in coolers like they have a live-in chef. Kitchen cleaned and garbage tossed out like ttherewas a chamber maid but the lack of glasses just screamed bad behaviour and terrible child at them. Because we all know how not giving people glasses riles normal people up.


9 thoughts on “Crayfish conditions”

  1. I love when you post😊
    Trust me I know about transferred aggression all too well, I ran across the continent to get away from it

  2. Ah ah ah…I’m so sorry. There is not ever pleasing people who don’t want to be pleased is there? I was never the golden child to my parents, no matter how I tried to please them or be perfect so maybe they’d finally appreciate me… it’s hard. I’m sorry you have that hanging over you.

    1. Thank you, Lauren. It’s just a sad case especially when we see close knit happy families and they also want that but aren’t ready to do what needs to be done to get there.

  3. Sorry to hear that! I know just how you feel. Sometimes you have to love your family from a far in order to keep the peace. Being in the same house, enduring the same irritating arguments and repressed aggression is tiring! Hope things get better xoxo

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