So far, so good. 2017 edition

Apologising for being absent for so long

Defending myself because the phone makes writing three times more difficult

Writing this post on a laptop, because I am

Celebrating that I got an official writing job and part of the perks is an office laptop.

Attending church again… I’ve missed it sooooo much… and a month ago, I was

Receiving the baptism of the Holy-Spirit in my life, although

Reading my bible is still challenging

Patching things up with my parents while

Deciding  my twin brother needs to exist very far from me (someone who thrives in your happiness is not worthy of you)

Praising to Power Flow by Monique, Mighty God by Joe Praiz & Soweto Gospel Choir

Making very healthy career choices,

Hoping they pan out.

Watching the amazing world of gumball, Clarence and Rick and Morty

Listening to Tonight by Nonso Amadi and Romeo and Juliet by Johnny Drille.

Eye-binging on Pinterest, as usual

Wearing socks to help out with my cold feet

Moisturizing with Yoko’s yoghurt milk cream… it’s amazing

Learning how to network better and smarter

Trying to be more vocal about my thoughts and intentions

Having a serious talk, where the decision was made to move on

Becoming okay with that and moving on as well because

Realising that I have a crush on someone new… Not completely new but certainly different from my regular type *fingers crossed*

Working smarter and more efficiently

Going on more walks… though not as much as I should

Moving to William McDowell’s Spirit Break Out and Efe’s still within the flow

Crossing 1000th delivery off my list really soon.

Learning to love and understand myself more every day.


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