Archer’s guide to purposeful living

So it’s been a couple of weeks since the actual 70kg debacle happened and since then I’m down to 65kg. I’m heading to 55. 

Thing is I have a dream to be fit. I’ve always had that dream. It’s not because of pictures from the media or anything; I’ve just always been obsessed with taking care of myself. Thing is I’ve never ever HAD to. I’ve never had to jog, moisturize or anything. I have good skin. I’m not a sugar person, I love going on walks and I love eating healthy. They are habits that are so ingrained they are a part of me. You’ll find it in my diaries as far back as 11. The situations I was in at the time agreed with these things. I had the time, nothing better doing, I was broke so I had to feed with discretion, and I loved colleges that were really far on the campus. So, I never needed to create or change my lifestyle to accommodate these dreams, they just did.

Till now.

Now, I’m a content creator, tailor and designer, three relatively sedentary jobs. I wake up, eat, work till noon, eat and nap, begin work by 1.30, stop by 5-6, prepare dinner, eat, work; that’s my ideal timetable. It’s worse when I’m on a deadline. Unfortunately, I forgot to give my body the memo. All she knows is that I’m eating all this food and we’re not doing anything with it. So, like a classic hoarder, she’s storing everything everywhere she can store it. Waist, hip, bum, Cheeks; anywhere her chubby fingers can fit them in. I was well on my way to becoming my biggest fear in the world. 

The 70kg was the wake-up call I needed. I wasn’t going to get a dream I wasn’t making any moves to accomplish. I had seen the signs, my jeans weren’t fitting, my tuck-ins weren’t as flat as before but I just shoved it off. I was busy, so busy. “I’ll deal with it when I have the time,” that’s what I told myself.

I’ve now realised you never have the time when lifestyle is involved. You make the time. I think lifestyle is health (exercise and food), it’s a relationship with your kids (if you have them), it’s taking time out to rest and shutdown, it’s concern for lovers & good friends… They are things that as you get older, you need to make a conscious effort to do if you want to keep them around. You can’t neglect them a whole week and then do the needful one day of the week. You can, but it’s not healthy and in time, you’ll see the result of your ‘half-ass-ment’. Imagine not drinking water all week and then turning into a camel on Saturday, or ignoring your partner an entire week and then planning a fantabulous outing on weekend. First week, it is a pleasant surprise. “Oh baby, thank you. This is amazing.” And then you do it the next week, and the week after; No calls or texts Sunday through to Friday and then Saturday outing, every weekend of the year. It won’t even reach two months before they’ll find someone they can share their real daily lives and have your number saved as ‘The weeknd’.


6 thoughts on “Archer’s guide to purposeful living”

  1. Good ass wake up call. Specially this part “I’ve now realised you never have the time when lifestyle is involved. You make the time.”

  2. Well done for reaching your goal, can you share with me what you did Please, my goal is to reach 70kg by the end of the year.. hope to hear from you.

    1. Hi shereena, sorry for getting back to you so late.
      Well, I started by reducing my meal portions, especially the starchy, sugary culprits. I increased my water intake and I had a few minutes walk every other day. I hope these help, good luck !!

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