​My spirit animal is a chicken 🐥

      If you asked me what my type is, I wouldn’t be able to say what it was. I know the basic: must speak English. That’s about it. I know most people go with the tall, dark and handsome but, I’ve never really been into that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as vain as the next person, he must be attractive to me of course. It takes a lot to find someone I’m attracted to though. It’s not just physical. Some just-handsome guys throw me off. My mind just rejects them.  So the “attractive” thing is like a question that has part a, b, c and d. 

But I’m jumping the gun, you must be wondering why I’m talking about a “type” at all. Well, Omelette and I are officially over. About 4-5 months ago, I asked him what he thought about us getting back together. 






 He voiced his fears of our going on and off forever an extremely valid point. Even though it was a tad upsetting, I was so proud of myself for taking the initiative to if,talk that it was also a win. It’s totally unlike me. I liked knowing that I can actually do these things that are outside my character. Character becomes so predictable it’s like a security blanket but sometimes, it’s a gate. 

Emotionally though, I wasn’t so sure I would even reply another guy for at least a decade. I’m such a drama queen! Anyway August arrived, and I went to a friend’s sister’s wedding and ran into him. We had actually met lots of times the year before and talked but nothing serious, we didn’t even exchange numbers. A birthday was the first, next was when the whole crew of us for the 5-day Shiloh programme, then my exhibition in December and finally, the wedding. He had left his seat to mine and we had chatted.

Some days later, I gathered the nerve to ask my friend who I talked to that day because he is an identical twin *don’t laugh*. He’s also the first, like me *don’t laugh*. So, we kind of have the same name *don’t laugh*. Anyway my friend, Seun told me he’ll give me this twin’s number so I message him first which I immediately rejected. Shiloh was only two months away anyway, I’ll see him there. Seun went on though, apparently because Seun and I are so close. A lot of people, twin included, think Seun has a thing for me. Hence, bro-code, the guy would not make any move since he thought. I would have to message him; he will then message his friend who will then message Seun to get the “all clear”. I didn’t even know guys thought that much about anything outside football. After 3 hours of intense convincing, Seun sent me his number.

Long story short, a day later, I messaged him. 😊


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