Still Alive

        I haven’t written here in the longest time. Things have been mad busy. I got another writing gig. However, this time, I actually get to use my writing style and not the formal one I use for the other company. So it’s like a hundred times harder to write on the blog because I’m already using the same free emotions to write for them. I’d written for the person who introduced me to them at the cheapest rate imaginable early in March. That was because I didn’t know the going rate for writing… and any money is still money, right? He loved the writing style, I had no idea it was a real style, I just liked things interesting and real. Apparently, it’s called Story-telling and it interacts better with the reader than with any other style because it relates to them. 

 I enjoy it.

I enjoy the pay more. 

I mean, I will when I wasn’t using it all up.  I have this project I’m working on. It’s sapping all my funds and all my energy. I would love to reveal more but I’m keeping it hush-hush to surprise you with pictures once it’s ready. I’m outsourcing a bit to get them done in time. I’m also creating its unique packaging. Trying to get a name for it is also keeping my brain heated. Is it just me that feels like the days aren’t up to 24 hours anymore? I have apps and diaries to keep me on track of my to-dos, still feels like I’m not performing maximally though.

Oh well. *super shrug*

Hope everything is super great with you all!


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