And on this day

Today was a big day for me. I was meeting up with the tailor that will assist me in creating my product, let’s call it SOX. I was also meeting up with one of my future customers (though she didn’t know it yet). Of all the days to have cramps and for the clouds to cry, right?

I had a normal day’s work and then after my break, I prepared to go out and guess what? Rain. I hate rain. Rain used to be my bad luck pointer. Like a bad luck charm, but now, I know time waits for no one so rain or no rain, have to do what I have to do whether I like it or not, I believe that’s the definition of adulting.  

I went ahead to drop of my SOX pieces with the tailor. I liked the vibes I got from the guy, that’s really important because I intend to make a lot more of SOX, so the sooner I get a good working partner, the better. A month back, while I was still searching, a friend introduced me to a lady she was sure would do a good job. As God would have it a few days before I was supposed to meet her, she went AWOL. Some weeks later, my friend told me that the lady had just closed shop and gone away! She even owed my friend money! If I had had the work with her, that would have been the end of everything! So I wasn’t rushing anything anymore. 

Determining a price is an issue, because they want to base price on what you look like rather than the product itself. He’s starting price was 10 times my budget. I stated my budget per piece. They bumped it up a bit and we were agreed. Dropping it off felt pretty good, like wow! This is really happening! This paper work of some 3 months is finally going concrete!  

      The next part of my day was me going to get some pretty ornaments for my soon-to-be new home… to inspire me as figures of faith. The lady that owned the shop also has quite good taste in unique and very affordable pieces. In time, I will show her my SOX to retail them or buy for herself. She says she will be excited to see them so fingers-crossed. 

After this long happy and productive day, I drive on home and walk into the house to put water on to start making dinner. As I carried my pretty flowers, I couldn’t help thinking this could be me taking them to my new apartment in a few months. It was a joyous feeling. Next thing I hear is the voice of father shouting, “AM I TOO SMALL YOU CANNOT SEE ME TO GREET?”

Mood ruined. This is someone that apparently was sitting in an entirely separate room in the house who I can in no way see in a 1-storey 5-bedroom 3-sitting room house.  And somehow my infra-red eyes should make him out and offer this greeting that will change his life… I’m tired of the emotional upheaval. Sometimes, I feel I need therapy. It’s so important to me to get things underway because well, this house isn’t home for me. It’s just a place that drains me once I’m out of my room… even in the room some times. SOX really needs to workout. 


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