For 2½ weeks I was offline. I lost touch with friends , customers, news, gossip, updates, emails… The reality of my existence was at a standstill… Everything that mattered to me was out of arm’s reach.




The first few days were of me imagining what i woujld be doing if my phone was functioning. What I’ld be pinning on pinterest’ what I was zupposed to be blogging about, what my customers wanted me to make and I was missing out on, what brilliant topic twitter nigeria has unearthed for us to get angry about, which of my favourite cartoons had new episode I was missing out on… The list was endless and I was depressed; Depressed by all I was missing out on and about the fact I could rectify nothing of this situation as my funds were all tied up in business. In time I started to readjust. Electricity supply around that period was close to 18 hours daily and so, I got a ludicrous amount of work done. Sleep came a lot earlier and somehow, my need for afternon naps disappeared. But most especially, I read.

I had always put my lack of interest in reading down to no time but here I was doing more work AND reading. I had started 9 books and finished 8. I missed my social media accounts less and less… All the arguments on feminism, the arguments on dating ethics, arguments on proper behaviour… Not seeing them or been involved with them gave me peace. How many minds have I changed over a twitter argument? Little… Very very little. But yet there I’ll be, frontline in battle, day in day out, hands pursed over my keyboard, heart beating and brain twisting up charming insults in readiness… Ready to be tipped into anger at any given moment, ready to ‘type-lash’ individuals into seeing the errors only my brilliant eyes could see and direct them away from. For free oh! It’s not like I was getting paid… I was actually paying, using my own data for all of this.

But of course, my forced offline prison time had to end eventually. As someone who has passed through 10 years in schools that doubled as torture camps and prison camps, I know it’s way easier to be decisive when you have no choice than when you do. But the forecast looks good. My friend, Seun gave me this phone last week Wednesday and though I haven’t read much, that’s mainly because I have a project I’m working on with a deadline for this sunday. Social media interaction remains at an all time low. We wait.


type now or forever hold your fingers :)

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