The journey of labour

Th vision of 2018 can be summed up in two words: Get money! Make that three: Get money legally. The plan was equally as simple, but with way more words : create ready to wear pieces by outsourcing. Simple, right? RIGHT?! If you thought “yeah or duh or indeed young chap chapette” you’d be wrong…. OH SO SO WRONG.

My path was strewn with hurdles of problems.

  1. A game to outsource: my eyes are ridiculously over-sensitive to mistakes. It’s like i stood on the eye line and forgot to move. Would explain why my ability to recollect faces is so low… spent all my damn time in the eye department. So, I needed someone who could try NOT to make mistskes. I also needed one that understood a customer wasn’t a bank to siphon money from. Not charge one random top for 10,000 because she saw a shoe she wanted to buy and was broke. Finally, after two months, in December, I found someone. I was excited to kick off for january. The only challenge with her was she stayed quite a distance away but, mountain to mohammed, I was ready to do what needed doing. And then, early january, her mum passed, she was devastated, and in no position to work. I felt bad for her… REALLY BAD… but at the same time, I felt bad for me. Where would I begin to find someone else???
  2. Under your nose: it was a week into February and still, no tailor had i found. I feared for my dreams… my make money dreams. Would it be eschewed like wax from my ear? Was i doomed to another year of mediocrity? Worry kept me up thinking and one day, when a colleague called in, I spilled my issues. As the issues escaped my weary worried lips; my brain began to warm up. Here was this colleague, who had attended the same sewing school with me! We shared the same name and though not close friends, we checked up on each other, twice a week thereabout. But best of all, I knew her work. She was good, she was fast and she was flexible with payment as far as you paid in money. So, a day later, I called her and even before I told her the entire plan sbe was on board. She also chose to come meet me rather than me going to meet her, which effectively cut out the challenge I had with the former girl. And so, I found my tailor. But like the odour of fart after a plate of beans, another challenge loomed .
  3. Gbese: the tree I pick money from was not in season. So, I was in empty pocket mode … well not empty, but no way near enough to do all the purchases and payments I needed to create the pieces. I had gone on holiday early december and my January salary was tied to something else. It would take me 2-3 months to plough the necessary finances. I needed help. I decided to ask a friend about investing and she was super excited to be involved. Investing is really just a fancy word for borrow but a borrower i became. I still don’t know how i would work the next batch when I pay her from the sales but oh well
  4. Mo money, mo problems: However, the money I borrowed wasn’t all I needed. I had needed more but I wanted to borrow money that will not keep me up in the night crying to the moon. To balance out, I halved the tailor’s pay by doing half the work for the shorts and just about all of it for the tissue boxes. Sleep deprivation became my nickname last week. I was desperate to finish up and launch this march.
  5. The result:

We got the tissue box stocked at Terrakulture Terrakulture just today !! 😰😰😰😰

And we have us 18 shorts ready and brewed to be sold. So far, so good. 🙏

Still stressed.


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