Precarious positions

So I’ve been on tenterhooks and extremely anxious the past few days. It’s made it extremely difficult to focus on anythng. That’s because I finally got thr pictures of my work edited snd done and there was suddenly no more ‘to-do’ hurdles on my list. Now I hsd to actually launch. Originally, my plan was to have it up on a couple of fashion sites. My silehnt partners disagreed. (I dont think they understand what the silent in front of our partnership involves).

They adviced a centralized focal point to build the platform of the brand itself and gave customers relate personally and some other blah blah blah. It didn’t make any sense to me. I just wanted to sell, make my money, make another batch, sell… who cared about business platform whatever?

But they hammered on it and everyobe I discused it with ha,mered the same point…. apparently I’m the blunt one in my group…. good thing I’m surrounded by iron right?!

So after going from fabric curator to designer to pattern creator to tailor, I became the photographer and then the photo editor. Afterwhich I donned my writing and editing skills to create the easy dialogue I want my brand to have on my twitter, instagram and facebook pages…. so social manager?

E. X. H. A. U. S. T. I. N. G.

But it’s all done now, day before yesterday, I started promoting them on my pages. I’ll be putting them up for sale tomorrow evening and get this, i already have pre-bookings 😄😄😄😄.

I’m tired, drained, excited and happy… all in one. Is there an emotion for that? Exhilarated?

You can check out the pictural promotion and the story behind the brand on my shiny new instagram page here

And also on my oldie but a goodie twitter page

If you choose to follow either, just comment with “drunk archer” and I’ll follow back 😃


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