Hecticity in numbers

Life has become hectic.

The problem with a hectic life is that it is seen as a hectic life. For some people, hectic is normal for them. They are used to the pace and the vibe so, everything goes as normal. What is hectic for us is normalcy for them. For we that don’t, life is abnormal. And the only way to balance out is to drop the ball in other areas of life. To balance my hectic, I’ve dropped the ball in keeping up adequately with friends, exercising, writing and blogging. It’s weird because those things WERE my shit.

Today is the first day I have opened this app in over a month. So lots of blogs to read snd catch up on, lots of updates and not much of ranting.

First off are, of course, my shorts. I think that was what my last post was on. Sales have been good but not good enough that I’ll consider doing ready to wear yet. Lots of “i love that print but i want a smaller size and vice versa.” So next time, samples only and then take orders.

I also recently got a deal to supply some shorts out of the country. This was one of the happiest things to go down this week. Nigeria is great but their appreciation of craft and handwork is on the low side. So, I had prayed for such a connection last year. We’re still ironing out the kinks of the agreement but I’m chuffed.

Numero duo, because of having to go up and down buying, seeing tailors and marketing, I wore out the seat of my only day-to-day jeans. I’ve had those jeans since I was 17.


Well, jeans weren’t allowed in my university. And you get used to not wearing them and wearing fabric trousers. So much so that wearing keans becomes alien. So they languished for that time with periodic wears till I graduated at 21. Since then, they’ve enjoyed me a bit more and I them up till last year whennwearing them was almost 2-3 times a week. I noticed a tear at crotch level one day i was going out. By the time I got back home, crotch level had migrated to butt cheeks and it was good bye jeans. Good thing i wore a dress shirt that day, right?!

Jeans stretch with washing; that’s how they remained my size. I just kept nipping the waist and making adjustments as they got larger. I havent remajned the same size from 17. 😂😂

That incident made me take a long hard look at my wardrobe and I realized I have very few proper clothes and even less foot wear. This is what happens when you work from home and rarely go out. So now I actually have to build up my wardrobe by spending my money. I KNOW RIGHT??!! THE AUDACITY! (Also because I am weirdly aware I don’t have the wardrobe for Eggman’s more expensive lifestyle)

Meta (which is three in my language), Not like i have low self esteem but I know Eggman and I are nowhere near each other on the levels ladder. I’m closer to commoner status. But going out together and all, yeah, I need to step-up. I am actually lazy about things like this. The only reason I have nice clothes is because I am a tailor and I practice on myself, pere. Asides that I have a very chill lifestyle of shirts and shorts and one sandal/ slippers… when actually these things would last more if they were mixed in with other options. My jeans might not have died with a terrible ass-grin if I had 4 more jeans I played with at will 😢😢😢😢. Anyway, Eggman is going on leave next week and is leaving the country for that periods (not Nigerian by birth so he flies willynilly flaunting his stupid blue passport and not getting the trash treatment our green gives us in other countries). Anyway it’s an excellent period to stock up footwear and clothes. Especially heels… i don’t even have a black pair of heels, guys. I’m 27 for christsakes! What if I got invited to a business meeting? What will I wear? Sandals with socks?

IV. Most importantly, I launched my sofa tissue boxes! Yes, finally!! Been working on them since august last year. But finally mid-april. I birthed them. It’s had a great reception everywhere I take it to. YES, ME!!! I’m now a marketer… not a great marketer but I’m trying. I was favoured enough to get it stocked in Nike’s art gallery, the LARGEST FREAKING GALLERY IN west africa. Mrs. Nike Okundaye, the owner, is so amazing! I just showed up that friday, lugging a big ass bag with no appointment and no prior communication. It was a big risk that I would never normally consider but Eggman had pushed towards it till I thought… what do I have to loose! She looked at them gave me some critique about them and working on the finishing. I couldnt read if she liked them or not. Next thing, she told me that I could exhibit with them and try sell some at their stand in Tafawa Balewa Square, TBS! Maybe she felt bad for not been able to get them, maybe she was throwing a bone? I didn’t care! I found my way there and put them on show.

At Tafawa Balewa Square
At Tafawa Balewa square

The exhibition was meant to last till saturday so rather than lug the big bag home and back, I asked at days end if i could leave it with them and come pick it on sunday since I was too busy to come on saturday. On sunday, they weren’t around. So monday, I went to the gallery and mama (as she is fondly called) was outside with some tourists. I waited to thank her for the oppurtunity and get the bag. When she came in she bought 4 pieces and ordered for 8 more. I showed up with 8 a week later and 2 extras to include options in case she didn’t like any. You guys! She got ALL 10! I cannot begin to explain my happiness.

Sitting pretty in Nike’s art gallery

We also stocked at Terrakulture. Solely thanks to Eggman. It’s really awesome having someone push your work that hard. Especially since i have a more go with the flow personality. He went there for lunch and well…

*mumu means idiot. 😑

*sme sme means slow or lazy-like fashion. Syn. Lacqadaisical. Example: she was just doing sme sme.

*badoski means bad ass or that’s awesome.


AND Some weeks later… we got in!

Sitting pretty in Terrakulture

I’m working on getting it to other of such places. One of the places I went to loved it but said it was too pricey for their customers but guuuyyyyssss!!!! They gave me places I should go and target. Like so much support and loveeee!!!! One even bought a piece. Staying upbeat!

I had a pop up some weeks back… which i will talk more about in my next post, mainly because of Eggman. AGAIN. I KNOW!

Those are my life’s hectics in a nutshell.

You can check out my instagram page for other great pictures and updates. Yessss, I’m on instagram, finally!!!

Those are my life basics in a nutshell. What have y’all been up to???


7 thoughts on “Hecticity in numbers”

  1. You always crack me up, you this woman. Paragraph *meta* got me hooting like some crazy bat. Jeans getting an “ass grin”, and wearing sandals and socks to a business meeting? The Lord will forgive you for making me laugh the way I did.
    But I get how it feels to wake up one day and realise that your wardrobe is seriously scanty. Talk about wearing one pair of sandals or slippers all the time. I’m the ambassador of that 😂 I have animal print pumps tho, I think I still have more hope than you. Thanks to God for tailoring skills, I might have been like Broda John the Baptist who wore camel skin. 😂😂😂 Lovely post up there jare. And God bless Eggman for his support. Mr Man here also makes it his job to push me out of my comfort zone, no matter the kind of pleas I put up. We’re getting better! Ire o!

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