It’s been a while I’ve been broke. It’s so weird.

I’ve spent the majority of my life managing myself. I LOVE managing; transport fare, lower cost. I’m there like Nigerian men antagonised by the threat of feminism.

It’s weird been able to spend how I want. I mean not like I’m a millionaire or anything oh! But when you live from week to week under bare necessities, been able to get what I want par-time is bliss…

But what DO I want?

I have a Wishlist. I’m supposed to buy white heels, black heels and nude heels. I’m supposed to get a new structured bag. A couple of wigs. A new contour kit. New makeup brushes… You know the drill. And I had gotten them all. My cart was full. Time to pay and I got a notification about how my account was deactivated for security reasons.


Here I was, finally taking the bull by the horn and shopping for the me, the myself, the I. And the universe decided to do me dirty.

I opened several new accounts and to sort try and re-order my items. With each new account, my items were reducing and reducing. I couldn’t remember all that I ordered, I couldn’t remember the brands, I couldn’t find the colours.

Some items remained constant in each of these accounts that would eventually prove barren. They were for work; wigs and stickers. Stickers directly for work, wigs indirectly. Everything else fizzled away. Just goes to say, seems work is still my necessity. #sadLife.


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