25 to-dos before I turn 25

On the eleventh of November, like happens every year, I added another year to my time on Earth and turned 23.. all glory to God. Can I get a whoop-whoop? Nah… Don’t want a whoop-whoop sef… Old people don’t do whoop-whoops, that’s how backs get broken. And that’s really how i felt pre-birthday… Like a dinosaur. You’d have thought I was turning 52. Started thinking about jobs and marriage and all those grown up shit that are marked by wrinkles… Ugh!! I hate growing up. Or maybe it’s just the mentality over here because 23 isn’t old at all. Yes some of my mates are married, but if anybody proposed to me right now, i will not be shocked and start weeping my acceptance, no.


who is marrying who? at my young age? Free a nigga oh!!

Pssh! Anyways, I want to share with you a couple of things I want to do/ have etc. before I turned 25. And no, don’t expect anything crazy. These are sane things. Not one of those smoke weed, get drunk, First hangover kind of things… Nah!! THIS IS REAL!!!


1. Learn how to sew with a sewing machine…. Of course i can hand sew. What do you take me for? A guy.


3. Stay in a place far from home-zone for about a week … i’m thinking Calabar in Cross-River, during their carnival maybe… Just immersion in a totally different culture

4. Play basketball or any sport. this one will definitely be a day. I weep.

5. Lose 3-5 kilos. 

6. Get abs/ a flat tummy.

7. Rock a bad-ass sexy dress or a 2-piece bathing suit….. or both.

8. Get my hair grown to, at least, bra strap length.

9. Drive to the Island, over third mainland bridge, on my own. been as I haven’t even presently driven out of the compound of my parents’ home….

10. Have an account specifically for savings. By the 11th of November 2015, it mustn’t be below fifty thousand Naira.

11. Buy myself something expensive ; Nokia tab, phone or laptop…  OR ALL!  

12. Plan to have a proper birthday party to celebrate the 25th year… I’ve never really had one planned out

13. Read and digest at least 4 christian books a month.

14. Long nails!! i chew my nails. I haven’t in the past month, but well…

15. Jog weekly. not gonna turn into one of those people who wait till they’re over-weight to start exercising. Amen?

16. Visit important sites in Nigeria all them Olumo rock, Aso rock, even the national theatre which i HAVE been to but I was too young to remember much.

17. Volunteer at an orphanage.

18. Have “Taiwo Take Out” days just me, my thoughts, my school bag, a messy outfit, papers and a biro … Like a me-date. if i don’t date myself, who will??  Once every 2-3 weeks will work.

19. Keep blogging. it has been good for me psychologically and mentally. Every personal post has relieved my soul… So why not?

20. Grow a plant. i’m gonna own a puppy in some years. Think of this like a training for that pet.

21. Take more pictures. Doesn’t have to be of me. Doesn’t have to be pretty. Just make memories.

22. Know and recognize circumstantial (momentary) and “forever” friends. not forever like FOREVEEEEEEEER, but the ones that are in and out of season and the ones that are just for the moment AND treat accordingly.

23. Learn to keep a proper journal … of your spending, to-dos versus done, books read, weight loss, hair growth, WHATEVER!!! Just keep a journal.

24. Have a personal morning routine (thank God, exercise, read, eat). i’m not much of a morning person, this will reduce purposeless rolling from corner to corner of my bed and make a vision board.

25. Have date nights with God with a particular day and time, every week i donno what this will entail yet… But i read about it on some lady’s blog and it makes all the sense in the world. #WeInvestigate

As each to-do is accomplished, I’ll cross it out and link it to post(s) on getting it done. stay tuned!! 🙂


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