the girl behind the drunk….

Finally, I’m going through with my resolution of 2012 2011 2010…well you get the picture.

I’m finally opening a blog!!! Yay for me! This isn’t a fashion blog, a relationship segment, a religious statement; its more than that. Its the very reflection of the me within, the one I relate to personally… Misty. Misty is not my alter ego or anything, she’s the core that makes me me. She’s complicated and has her fingers in everything as relates to me. She’s the reflection of me that not everyone gets to see except really good friends.

The blog is kinda like my journey through life… realizations… things i have experienced that, if you read, you can learn from and might find a better way around.

Still a bit iffy on the blog name but let’s stick to the point.

What are you interested in about me?

I’m a girl. I am a Nigerian and a Christian by religion. I was born on November the eleventh (that’s right, 11-11) in the year 19** (I am still not quite sure of the etiquettes surrounding girls and declaring their ages but I am old enough to talk about anything so this is rated PG13 :))

At the moment, I am studying industrial-Chemistry and as yet still have a blurry idea of my future. AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

I have a sarcastic sense of humor and enjoy a good laugh. My hobbies feature around Misty’s moods, but primarily I do enjoy dressing up, planning outfits, comedies (JIM CARREY, Mr. Bean), romantic movies (Dear John), having free-to-myself days, hanging out with great buds and, when the long hand of laziness and procrastination are absent, writing. My mantra for life is doing whatever makes me happy.

Yours in blogging,

The Drunk Archer



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