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Third wheels, sharks and bad advice

It's cold. It's a cold morning. My blanket is hugging my bed tight and somehow i am stuck in the middle. Don't you just hate being the third wheel. Uhhh. Couple's disgust me. They disgust me because of their cheerful excited, holdy hands shit. But, primarily, they disgust me because i am single. Yes, yes.… Continue reading Third wheels, sharks and bad advice

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So i’ve been hiding someone

heyyy guys!!! today is a really special day to someone that's very special to me... making it a special day to me too. It's his birthday and i'd like to introduce him to you. he's been on the blog as omelette before but, I'll rename him someone... but we're ahead of ourselves, let's start at… Continue reading So i’ve been hiding someone

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How to love mondays… See a pineapple (not mine.. Yours)

Monday.. *vomits* Last week was nothing-doing-so-do-whatever-you-want week. And now, today begins with sewing classes. Work always looks worst once you've basked in the bosom of abject laziness. Breathe if you want me to skip this class. One thing will make my monday a good day. One word... One fruit... Pineapple. I hope to God I… Continue reading How to love mondays… See a pineapple (not mine.. Yours)

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Another breakup and other things that crack

So today's gonna be.... I don't know yet, give me time. I've not posted anything on this before because on friday, Pineapple suddenly said "Pineapple". Just like that! I was gubsmacked. Who told him? How? I wasn't sure how he had somehow found out my blog address or/ and my twitter account and known about… Continue reading Another breakup and other things that crack

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The ijebu guide to a good ass date (part 1)

So, last week, a really good friend and I were talking and this really cool idea came up that I take the boo (mine) on a date... Her boo is receiving the silent treatment for neglecting his duties... Anyway, I was busy contemplating what to do... Where... How many weeks it'll take to save up… Continue reading The ijebu guide to a good ass date (part 1)

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retrace & learn

I didn't write a resolution last year. I don't even know how that happened. I actually do... I was going through an impulsive phase then... wasn't blogging much either. NYSC had just started and I was basking in the independence of having money coming in monthly. Great! Great! Great! But I did learn along the… Continue reading retrace & learn


kissing frogs

I'm having kissing withdrawals's a pathetic syndrome endured by the single-folk when they're lips hasn't "seen" some "action" in a while. That while for me is June. "Just get a bloody boyfriend" i hear some of you mutter... yes, well, I'm having this desire to not even kiss again till my wedding day... *leaves… Continue reading kissing frogs