Busy bee 2.. Kinabuti


There is something else on my mind asides busy bee (the sequel). It is Β gnawing and gnawing at my cerebellum (brain stuff) but, i’m gonna push it aside and put on my big girl pants and talk about busy bee 2 if it kills me. Because i’m african and that’s what we do.

We don’t announce our engagements…

We don’t tell people we are leaving the country for years, till the night before as though our visas and tickets arrived by miracles.

we don’t tell people we were pregnant till the baby is delivered…

Why? Its seen as counting chickens before eggs are hatched, or as we say it here, don’t let anyone take your good fortune and hide it in a hole.Β Because that’s what could happen. How do i know? I have gathered enough experience watching african magic movies. Shit is real.

This is why i know you guys will forgive me for not telling you of my recent life upheavals… Even my current upheaval.


No. Lol. No.
Can you imagine married? Because i can’t. It’s wierd.

Actually, i was, by God’s grace, among the 12 selected for a 2-month finishing school training with one of THE big names in world-class dress making, pattern making, fabric creation and all that. yes, she is Italian. And No, i am not in Italy.

It has just started to feel like real life again. I mean, i am no pessimist, just an honest realist. This time last year i couldn’t thread a bobbin for bread and water and here I am picked with eleven others from at least 300.Β Even the day my school instructor selected the eight of us from our center that’ll go ahead to showcase our clothes, she asked me if i would have anything to show the company that’ll make the final cut. SHE DIDN’T EVEN THINK I HAD ANYTHING TO SHOW, YET SHE PICKED ME!!

I just thank God for favour, y’know? Because when a company is sifting the best from the best, that’s when shit get real, they start looking for the tiniest issues to shove people out; Years of experience becomes an issue, finishing becomes an issue, how you cut what becomes an issue.. But here I am today,
Rounding up my second week in training under a lady that has worked with Prada making red carpet clothes. If anybody had told me this would be me last year, i’ld have been like “lol, you gat jokes”.Β And now, i’m dropping words like silhouette, straight grain and darts AND i have actual human customers I am totally unrelated to who drop money that I…. I make clothes for them… Which leads me to busy bee 3 (the last stand)… Am I ready for this?


Church girl problems


Its the week after the 21 days fast; its the time to reap testimonies. This week alone, i have been favored with four totally unexpected opportunities to sew for people. I wasn’t even searching. I wore two of the ankara shorts i had made to buy fabrics and these women that i bought the fabrics from were so impressed that they wanted me to make trousers for them and a few wanted shorts for their daughters.
I was so humbled. This time last year, i had never even used a sewing machine.. And now.. Well, I thank God.

Anyway, i wore one of the shorts to our mid-week fellowship today and it was LOL. A lady came to meet me whilst the service was on basically telling me how God doesn’t like shorts, how they were inappropriat and i wouldn’t wear them to meet the governor. I told her i would. That there is nothing wrong with them, and i had no intention of wearing long skirts to pretend that i was something i wasn’t to please them.
Note,These weren’t little bum shorts. They were three inches above my knees and very wide at the base. Basically, what i will describe as palazzo shorts.
I think her freedom of speech was spurred by the assumption that i was some young 18 -year old kid. Meanwhile two weeks ago, another of these women had come at me to wear skirts and I had not attended fellowship the entire previous week. Not to prove any point. But, i hate feeling watched and monitored. Especially in church where judgemental-ism should be frowned on. But, what i hate more is anybody intimidating me or trying to bully me. I’m to stubborn for such to prevail for long. Another was at the house fellowhip. I wore a maxi dress to it on saturday and she was almost dancing on her tippy toes saying the Holy Spirt had touched me. One would think these people have ever seen my cleavage, or seen me in a bodycon dress or anything.

As someone with aspirations of working in the fashion industry, it makes me wonder about what exactly my fashion line would portray..
It seems my fashion sense is frowned on by these christain-folk.
But isn’t it God that gave enhanced my fashion creativity, and made me with this nice figure as an advertisement for my clothes? I’m just confused. πŸ˜•

Where does it end?!!!!


This year, i have bought 3 bags.
– One teal slouchy bag
-one yellow structured mid-size bag and the latest addition,
-a beautiful structured tote tan and dark choclate brown mix.
With this very last one. I told myself, Ms. Drunk Archer, it’s over for the year. What more can one need?
A red bag at the very most I guessed. Oh foolish archer…

On the way home today, my goggly eyes fell on a warm brown mini-sized bag. (DAMN THOSE GREEDY CORNEAS). As i held it gently in my warm embrace, willing a torn portion to emerge so I could drop it and leave that problem to the next girl.
Not only did I NOT see any tattered leather on the brown, I saw another mini structured dark blue patent leather bag! What are the odds of that?!
And people still think the devil doesn’t exist….

The last stand


To start with, dear readers, i have no idea what I’m really meant to write. I started writing a post in my mind yesterday and titled it ‘The last stand’. I think I feel I have some sort of memory card memory.
Apparently not.

But hey, let’s talk about September. We’re on the brink of the last quarter of the year, my beauties and handsomes!
Raaaaaaggghhhh!!! 2015 is winking at us already
And i’m like, the Drunk Archer needs to take a look at her resolutions of the year and see how far she’s done.

1. workout 4 times a week… LOOL… No no… Must have been high when I thought of this. On the high side, lost 2kg from doing absolutely no exercise for the past 4 months.

2. Always have a christian book to read. *sigh*

3. List out your friends names somewhere. Know them, Take care of them. Yessss!!! One mark for me!

4. Less time on twitter. two marks!!!!! Yay me!!!

5. Get your big L on and start letting to drive. Three marks!!! I’m on a roll baybees!!!!

6. Attend more Human resource conferences. Done and done!! Check! 4 marks.

7. Take an hour before bed (10 or 11) to meditate on the day and write down things you are thankful for. Uuuuugggghhhh! *eyes glaze over*

8. Remember the fro and keep her nourished with multivitamins, moisture and oils. Once in a while, guys. Man cannot live by taking care of afros alone. 4.5 marks

9. Go out on more dates. Ummmn … No. Not the random dating type at all. And i’m seriously tired of guys right now… I’m now a shark… A lone shark traversing and daring any penis-wielding dude to dip his toe in my ocean. Oh yeah!

10. Develop a healthy eating regimen. So far, so good! 5.5 marks.

11. Always have a bottle of water in your bag. Well… I try. So, 6 marks.

12. Work on your relationship with God. Yup!! 7 marks.

13. Keep the nails uneaten. I am. I am. 8 marks.

14. Remember date-nights with God and don’t be late. Just an hour late…. That’s okay, right? Jehovah? Dad? Is that cool? .. 9 marks.

15. Learn to sew. Yuuurrrrp!!!! 10 marks.

16. Take yourself out to relax every three weeks. Ain’t nobody get time for that… We rest per night! 11 marks.

17. Reduce the shopping. Make More clothes yup! Hard at work on that! 12 marks.

18. Write your shopping wishlist for the year sha. Because you will still shop. Just keep to the list. i wrote the list… Counts for something right! 13 marks.

19. Save 20% of all inflow. *skips*

20. Pay your 10% tithe. #NeverForgetOrPostpone. Forever and ever and always! 14 marks.

21. Spend 10% for people in need. *Whistles by slowly*

22. Keep a journal of your spendings. TRY! Nahh… Don’t feel like trying.

23. Have a morning routine: pray, read, exercise, eat. *sigh*

14 out of 23….
That’s something! You guys vent so much about resolutions been broken by day two… But it’s month 9 and i’ve gone through 14.



Getting comfy with Judy


After a week of not doing shit, I set out saturday to my favorite thrift shop. It’s been months I’ve done it. Buying materials and fabrics can really lighten your wallet and I’m not even joking.
Anyways, it was dirt cheap price at her shop so there’s lots more to see: dresses, tops, trousers, skirts, jackets. I took my time. Besides buying, there are new designs to see on those that are too expensive to buy; checking how they are put together, trying on some and of course getting a cute find.
It’s fun.
It’ll actually be a lot more fun if she could close up the shop till I’d come and gone because women… Women are ruthless at these things. Some are just there to hunger for what you’ve already picked. Glaring at you as you try it on, ready to tell you it looks like crap just so you could drop it and then they’ll tote it off like a wrestling belt before you can blink. And God bless you one of them drops off by mistake. They’re on it like white on rice. I’m not even kidding. I once had the shop owner’s own mum ‘pilfer’ a sweater i picked but that’s another story.
But beautifully, that saturday wasn’t such a day.
I found myself advising some married lady there to get a grey high-waist trouser she had tried on but wasn’t sure about. She had just had a baby and her belly was still going in. But, her real issue seemed to be she thought her ass was too out there.
As Patron Saint of the high-waist trend, I gave her every tidbit I could how it enhanced her look, gave her booty a more attractive rounded look. She wasn’t dissuaded to get that particular trouser, but she DID get another high-waist and handed the grey to me. Win-Win!
It felt good to have someone much older listen to my advice, it felt better been able to know that I’m beginning to identify what looks good on other people.
The absolute best? Realizing how much more comfy I am with the bit of booty The good Lord gave me to protect than I was just 2-3 years back. Ironic.

When life hands you someone’s iPad…


A month ago, I told you guys I’ld be introducing my fashion and sewing onto this blog… As you can see, from the masses of cobwebs I had to trample through to get this post to you guys; you can obviously see how bad that has gone.
Sadly, for now, there’s no light at the end of the tunnel… At least not till I get a tablet or a new phone or wifi for my television of a laptop.
So, i just have to make do till then. I’ve been keeping a record of fabrics i’ve bought. I could have posted them here, but we know how selfish apple devices are, no bluetooth and all. And the roundabout of posting them from my phone on Facebook and downloading them with my dad’s iPad to download the pictures is errr…. No. Not to talk of the fact that this isn’t my device so, I can’t work with it all the time
So there are lots of pending updates and blog posts:
An intro to an awesome ankara products company, the very first top i made (which i wore to church some weeks back), a cute-sexy dress I wore to a wedding on Tuesday (where I ran into both Omelette AND pineapple… Two of my exes. P.s. I totally have a crush on Pineapple; is that normal? Having a crush on someone you broke up with…? He was just SO cute and treated me all princessy… LOL. I’m so fickle)
Anyways this invitation came some days back:



I’ve gotten three yards of black sequin material to make a short cute dress to wear for that… I know my mum will say it’s a dark color… But please… Black sequins are awesome!
I should show you a picture but the pictures of it are coming out crappy. Apparently, my phone which can’t open two tabs at once takes better pictures than iPad. Imagine.
I hope you all are great and in good health. Welcome to August, have a great month!

Taking pictures 101


Remember when I said I’d be posting my fashion stuff on here? Well, that hasn’t changed except that I am TERRIBLE at pictures. That effortless chic thing? Completely over my head.
Do people learn this?
How to stand?
How to look down?
How to look into the distance the future is bright and they can see it?
How to look away from the camera like the paparazzi took the picture?

I’m totally awkward at it. I bet if I’d joined instagram I’d be good at this…

Like, This past week, i got myself a yellow bag and I was going to do a post with it. How yellow bags are the new totes and such. Took some pictures with it.
The pictures brought bile to my throat when I looked at them Like village girl meets nice setting… It was worse actually. And i knew, “Houston, we have a problem”.
Good thing I haven’t started my sewing yet. I’d have been in a helluva fix. Having to beg people to model my things and such… I hope not… I really want to use me for this (vanity)

But sewing classes have been going great! I feel i might have a talent.
Best. Feeling. Ever.
On the side, i’ve been stocking on thrift clothes to work on once I’m good enough…DIYs, re-modelling clothes, that kinda thing. Those will probably kick off first before I start my REAL sewing. Loads to look forward to for me, and hopefully for you too. Stay tuned. πŸ™‚