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Natural hair ain’t shit

My hair has been natural for the past three years. it has been three years coloured by long periods of hating the hair for tangling into itself, forming knots and just been a basic nuisance and short little periods of actually liking the afro look. Natural hair, like every other hair, looks pretty. That is… Continue reading Natural hair ain’t shit

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The last stand

To start with, dear readers, i have no idea what I'm really meant to write. I started writing a post in my mind yesterday and titled it 'The last stand'. I think I feel I have some sort of memory card memory. Apparently not. But hey, let's talk about September. We're on the brink of… Continue reading The last stand

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Wuru-wuru to the answer aka cutting corners

Hairinfinity has come to Nigeria. For y'all that don't know, hairfinity is a medication that makes hair grow more and healthily at the cheap rate of eight thousand Naira or about 50 dollars monthly. I kid. That's like two new shoes or two new bags or some clothes or a whole bunch of things on… Continue reading Wuru-wuru to the answer aka cutting corners

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hairier and bleh

This week. My colleagues at sewing school realized my hair was natural. Or "nachi" as the less mannered ones would say. Last week and this week have been galore after galore of hearing nonsense and trying to dumb myself down to accommodate them.   Colleague 1: is your hair dada? (My hair was combed and… Continue reading hairier and bleh

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retrace & learn

I didn't write a resolution last year. I don't even know how that happened. I actually do... I was going through an impulsive phase then... wasn't blogging much either. NYSC had just started and I was basking in the independence of having money coming in monthly. Great! Great! Great! But I did learn along the… Continue reading retrace & learn

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resolution 2014, lowkey supported by niké… Just Do It.

So it's a new year and it still has that new cloth smell... I have plans, I have resolutions.... people are so against them, I don't get. How can you measure what you've done or not done without a conscious decision. Well, honestly, I don't care about anybody else, it's your life innit? Do you,… Continue reading resolution 2014, lowkey supported by niké… Just Do It.


there’s no I in team

Two and a half yers ago, I decided my hair had her last romantic getaway with relaxers. #spoilerAlert, reladers do NOT relax uour hair.... no it is not a mini head masage that treats your strands to little spa treatments whilst pampering your scalp. A relaxer is much... much , more unrelaxing.Relaxer makes african curly,… Continue reading there’s no I in team