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01. I love … Cooking

I love food. I love cooking new delicacies. I love having color in my food. Me and food? Inseparable. ... Healthy food that is.. Except Big treat bread. Big treat bread is my nemesis in my healthy food lifestyle. It's just soft and fluffy. Even their wheat bread doesn't taste as shitty. It trumps shoprite… Continue reading 01. I love … Cooking

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When life hands you someone’s iPad…

A month ago, I told you guys I'ld be introducing my fashion and sewing onto this blog... As you can see, from the masses of cobwebs I had to trample through to get this post to you guys; you can obviously see how bad that has gone. Sadly, for now, there's no light at the… Continue reading When life hands you someone’s iPad…


Tagged A for Awesomisity!!!

so I know y'all don't care much for my pictures... I mean u receive "awesome post notification" in your mails, sprint over here and see one lousy picture... I can imagine y'all going... "TF!!! I didn't sign up for this shit!!!" and looking for where the "unfollow" button is at.... NEWS FLASH!!! There is no… Continue reading Tagged A for Awesomisity!!!