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We searched high and low for this... The real most valued player.... For this week. I lie. I started the search this morning. I lie again. An hour ago. Modern Family writers are the awesomest. Their actors rock, but the writers? Those guys? WOW. If you haven't watched this TV show, you need to drop… Continue reading #TheRealMVP

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When life hands you someone’s iPad…

A month ago, I told you guys I'ld be introducing my fashion and sewing onto this blog... As you can see, from the masses of cobwebs I had to trample through to get this post to you guys; you can obviously see how bad that has gone. Sadly, for now, there's no light at the… Continue reading When life hands you someone’s iPad…

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Work it out!

I haven't worked out all last week. I'm being lazy. Then i remembered, at the end of the year, y'all are gonna get a bikini pix... AvÄ“c flat belly or not. And these meme-ing people have no chill at all. Can't have my picture trend on twitter, Facebook and Instagram. No sireee... So next week,… Continue reading Work it out!

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Wuru-wuru to the answer aka cutting corners

Hairinfinity has come to Nigeria. For y'all that don't know, hairfinity is a medication that makes hair grow more and healthily at the cheap rate of eight thousand Naira or about 50 dollars monthly. I kid. That's like two new shoes or two new bags or some clothes or a whole bunch of things on… Continue reading Wuru-wuru to the answer aka cutting corners

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Big feet-ed people are people too

If you're like me, you have big feet which you didn't notice or care about till some vengeful souls made a big deal about it with; "WOW! What big feet you have!" Like when we were at the mall shopping for body parts in Heaven, I went to the big-feet row and picked them as… Continue reading Big feet-ed people are people too

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The bag lady, the white bag and a little common sense

On wednesday, I was out and about (as usual) trying to strike off my to-do list for the day; meet a shoe-repair man for my worn-out suede moccasins, check out a polo club's policy, get water colour, buy a black and a red eye-pencil, see the bag lady... Ah. The bag lady. The bag lady… Continue reading The bag lady, the white bag and a little common sense