To Have… and to hold…

“I don’t want Tayo… No.” That had being her immediate reply to his proposal. For a proud boy, who considered himself quite a catch, that reply was hard to accept. What was even harder to accept was that but for his parents and hers, the girl of his dream would not be standing in front… Continue reading To Have… and to hold…



Good morning class!!! As I started in the last class (awkwarments 101)...  once in a while, we are thrust in moments that knock you out mentally. All you can think of is “what am I supposed to do now ehn?” I call such awkarment = awkward moments. We have covered what to do in a… Continue reading AWKWARMENTS 102


a short story: The glass rose

I had a best-friend once. She wasn't Yoruba, I wasn't Edo and it didn't matter. She looked like me... or so we were told when she transferred to my school in senior year. After a brief study of each other's faces we agreed that everyone else was seeing things; we looked nothing alike. But a… Continue reading a short story: The glass rose