the machete, the pounded yam, the prophet

He opened the door and slipped into the house. It had been  sixteen long months. he had counted. He missed his wife he hadn’t seen her . He wanted to see her and he wanted to… he grinned. She won’t be sleeping this night. And the baby… he wanted to see his baby. He imagined… Continue reading the machete, the pounded yam, the prophet

christian walk, Stories

the twelfth

Vultures and flies alike encircled the tree, Feeding on The decayed body, hung taunt by the rope. Robes gathered in the distance, far from the putrid odour And sent a man to the gathering of vultures. "His guts were spilled before we arrived from Golgotha," the vultures announced in defence "but look, those shiny bits… Continue reading the twelfth


Mini series: Don’t be scared

The girl walked briskly into the class-room; her bag flung carelessly over her shoulder. She donned a suit-type top synonymous to her grandmother's era and a long skirt. Her face, devoid of make-up, wore a no-nonsense look as she made her way swiftly to a corner at the back of the room. In the shadows,… Continue reading Mini series: Don’t be scared